Hey There, I’m Michael

I’m a born and raised Michigander, know our values through and through, am building my family here, and am wholly invested in our community’s future. I’ve spent my entire career working to make public policy, and our government’s work, more accessible and understandable to everyone.

I helped build one of the country’s most successful civic technology companies from the ground up, stewarded it from a tiny, underfunded outfit to an established enterprise that closed a multi-million dollar funding round just several months ago, and molded it into an established company that works with many of our country’s leading companies.


Primary: August 2, 2022

Why I’m Running

I know what it feels like to be drawn away from Michigan. To want the most inclusive, empowered, and opportunity-filled future possible, and leave for another state in search of that potential. I know what it’s like to wonder if you’ll be able to move back home with your family. I know what it’s like to miss Michigan, our warmth and grit, work ethic, natural beauty, and unpredictable weather.

But I’ve also learned what it takes to move home, what can attract and urge young families and professionals back. I know what it takes to create the kind of year-round community that will bring us boomeranging home, investing in building our families and making our lives here. If we want our children and grandkids — friends and cousins — to move back home, or consider not leaving in the first place, then we need to create the kind of environmental conditions that might make them think twice about heading to Chicago.

I’ve spent my entire career lowering barriers to political entry, empowering my neighbors who I both agreed with and disagreed with, and helping people build the kind of community that they’ve always hoped to see. And I have unique perspective as a Michigander who’s both boomeranged home and chosen Traverse. We have a sturdy foundation but lots of work left to do. Do we want our kids to stay in Michigan, move back home, and build a more vibrant and entrepreneurial community again?

In 2010, Michigan was the only state in the country to experience a population loss. And even in our most recent census data, released just last year, we had the second slowest rate of population growth in the entire country — growing by just 2%. There are cracks in our community’s foundation that can be remedied and funded at the state legislative level.

Michigan is my home, Traverse is my community, and this is where I’m building my family. It’s our responsibility to help repair and improve our community so that it works for all of us. So that it’s as vibrant, opportunity-filled, and family-friendly as possible.

Our district is a microcosm of the country. A blue city in a purple district in a red region. We have a real opportunity to build a coalition, work together on the issues we agree on, re-build trust with our neighbors, protect reproductive choice, and make our community more viable and vibrant for young families. With that will come economic growth. We have an opportunity to make our corner of Michigan a model for the rest of the country. And it’s our responsibility to realize that potential.

More About Me


February 28

Campaign for the Michigan State House

Michael launches his campaign — together with local leaders, friends, and family — at the Cherry Republic on Front Street in Traverse City.
September 15

Deepened Community Roots

Michael joins the Planning Committee of his congregation and, later in the year, prepares to teach a foreign policy course at Northwestern Michigan College. He’s also appointed in January to the Board of the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority.
July 15

Building Family in Michigan

Sarah and Michael rent a Penske, drive across the country with Tex, move back home to Michigan, and begin building their family together in Traverse City.
February 8

Becoming Dog Parents to Tex

Becoming Dog Parents to Tex
Sarah and Michael began raising Tex — their now 2.5 year-old rough collie. He’s the sweetest and most loving dog they could imagine.
January 16

First Date with Sarah

First Date with Sarah
Michael was set up with Sarah by close mutual friends and the rest, as they say, is history.
May 19

Career in Civic Technology

Michael began his career in civic technology. He started as a community organizer and soon thereafter joined Countable as one of its very first team members. Michael is VP, Business Operations and an executive team member.
August 15

Foreign Policy in Tel Aviv

Michael began at a foreign policy think tank, called the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, in Tel Aviv. He worked as the director’s research assistant and spent most of his time on Israel’s relationship with its eastern Mediterranean neighbors.
September 19

London School of Economics

Michael moved to England to pursue his masters degree at the London School of Economics. He wrote his masters thesis on infrastructural development in Mandate Palestine during the Second World War, and graduated with distinction.
May 15

Interning with Senator Gary Peters

Michael began interning with then-Congressman Gary Peters in his Washington, DC office. He worked directly in Longworth with Gary and his staff of six team members.
August 15

Washington University in St. Louis

Michael enrolled at Washington University in St Louis, played competitive tennis, was an editor of the school’s Political Review magazine, and was elected to Student Union. He graduated summa cum laude with a degree in history.
May 15

Education & Upbringing in Michigan

Michael went to school downstate, made lifelong friends, and graduated near the top of his class at West Bloomfield High School. He was involved as a student representative to West Bloomfield Township, was elected to student government, and was captain..Read More
April 20

Tennis with Dad Every Sunday

Michael was introduced to tennis by his father, Marc, and they began playing together every Sunday. Michael grew into a competitive tennis player and traveled to tournaments around Michigan.
June 25

Olivia Enters the Picture

Olivia Enters the Picture
Michael’s little sister, Olivia, came into the picture and began to shake things up. She and Michael remain best friends to this day.
August 29

Born Downstate to Marc & Susan

Michael was born downstate to Susan and Marc. They were, and remain to this day, the most loving and supportive parents he could have imagined.