A: It all depends where exactly you live in the district. Just navigate to OpenStates, input your street address, and your state and federal representatives will render. You can then reach out to them with any input, ideas, or feedback you might have.

A: The government’s working on many different priorities that it can be difficult to follow along. But check out Causes.com to more easily stay in the loop. You can filter in the global navigation by either federal news generally, pending legislation specifically, or different issues that you might feel strongly about.

A: Absolutely. From overseeing your entire county’s budget, monitoring the ways that county departments interact with one another, to passing ordinances that lay down county law. Check out these websites to explore recent Benzie County Commission, Leelanau County Commission, and Grand Traverse County Commission business.

A: Most definitely. And it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. You can apply for a Traverse City board, Grand Traverse County board, Leelanau County board, or contact the Benzie County Administrator about getting involved in Platte or Almira Townships.

A: Running for office is a challenging but incredibly meaningful experience. And we need more good, well-intentioned people like you thinking about it. Just fill out the hyperlinked form and Run for Something will render a list of state legislative and local offices you could run for based on your current address.

A: Vote.org has you covered. Check your voter registration status and then, if you’re not yet registered, you can get started with the process on TurboVote. They really couldn’t make it easier.

A: 100%. All registered voters in Michigan can now vote absentee. You don’t need an excuse or a reason. You can either vote absentee through the mail, or go to your city / township clerk’s office to return your ballot. Either way, take a quick look at the Michigan Secretary of State’s absentee ballot guide.

A: The Michigan Secretary of State has a couple different ways you can look it up. Just check for your polling location here and then get a sneak peak as to what’s on the ballot too.