Michael Brodsky

for Michigan State House — District 103

Democratic Candidate


Primary: August 2, 2022


Going into politics wasn’t in the plan. But there’s too much on the line for us to wait outside the arena. It couldn’t be more important that we run thoughtful and strategic down ballot candidates — people who are focused on building broad coalitions and bringing as many of our neighbors into the fold as possible.


I’ve spent my entire career lowering barriers to political entry, empowering neighbors who I both agreed with and disagreed with, and helping build the kind of community we’ve always hoped to live in. Our campaign is working every day to meaningfully interact with all of our neighbors in Benzie, Leelanau, and Grand Traverse, and gain their perspectives on the issues that matter most.

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In 2010, Michigan was the only state in the country to experience a population loss. And even in our most recent census data, released just last year, we had the second slowest rate of population growth in the entire country — growing by just 2%. There are cracks in our community’s foundation that can be remedied and funded at the state legislative level.

If we want our children and grandkids — friends and cousins — to move back home, or consider not leaving in the first place, then we need to create the kind of environmental conditions that might make them think twice about heading to Chicago. I’ve learned what it takes to attract young families and professionals back home and what’s required to keep us here for good. I know what it takes to create the kind of year-round community that will bring us boomeranging back, investing in building our families and making our lives here.


Not only is it a person’s fundamental right to make their own reproductive decisions, but it’s never the government’s role to tell someone what they can or can’t do with their body. That’s an individual’s right alone. I’m committed to building the allyship we so desperately need and overturning Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban. We need to preserve and expand access to safe and legal abortion care through proactive policy and legislation.


We need to prevent gun violence, promote safe storage, and prohibit high-capacity magazines. Thoughts and prayers won’t prevent the next school shooting. Only tangible measures to protect our families can do that. There’s no reason we shouldn’t enact waiting periods, limit the ownership of military style rifles, and ensure that domestic abusers aren’t eligible for gun possession. The stakes are too high and our childrens’ lives are at risk.


If we want to make our children, grandkids, friends, and cousins more likely to stay in the community, then we should incentivize the development of residential housing. This should be in-reach, entry-level housing that year-round residents can reasonably afford. The kind of homes and apartments where young couples can start their families and professionals can settle down to begin contributing to our community.


We wouldn’t be here without your sustained support. Can’t thank you enough for believing in us, investing in us, and helping us ensure that our 103rd State House district, and with it the Michigan Legislature, represents our values with integrity.